Travel Advice

I have been traveling and living overseas for over 13 years. During this time, through a lot of trial and error and a few up’s and down’s, I have learnt a fair amount.

I’d like to pass on what I’ve learnt and share some tips to make your life easier. Whether you want to travel and explore the world, find a job abroad or make the big move to live in another country.

Here are some subjects I’ve had experience in and my advice:

General travel

Tips for packing only hand luggage

How to survive a low cost airline flight

How to keep your valuables safe when traveling

Ways that we can reduce negative tourism

Why I think everyone should travelĀ 

How to avoid feeling homesick when traveling


Visiting Spain

Common misconceptions about Spain

A quick guide to the different regions of Spain

10 ways to learn Spanish for free

Useful Spanish phrases for traveling in Spain


Moving to Spain

Practical tips for moving to Spain

Moving from London to Madrid

The reality of adjusting to Spanish life

Christmas in Spain


Travel stories: Mishaps and misadventures in Spain

A daring dune buggy drive in Fuerteventura

A confusing bus journey in Costa del Sol