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Calling all Walking Dead fans… You have to read this!

If you are a true Walking Dead fan you have to experience the immersive Walking Dead Experience in Madrid, Spain.

The Walking Dead Experience is located in Madrid’s Parque de Attraciones. A huge amusement park just outside the city centre in the parkland Casa de Campo.

Let me tell you a bit about it so you can decide if your brave enough to go inside…

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The Walking Dead Experience Madrid

It’s not a very well-known ride I really struggled to get some info about what to expect when I researched it online. I promise not to spoil it for anyone but feel it should get a bit more publicity. It was so good! It was truly one of the scariest things I have ever done.

I’m a big fan of the Walking Dead. Not the kind of super fan that has read all the graphic novels, or knows every fact about every character. But I have seen every episode of every series and watch most shows on the edge of my sofa, shouting at Rick, Daryl, Michone and the others. I thought this ride would be a silly ghost train loosely themed around zombies just using the Walking Dead brand. Boy was I wrong!

I’d spent the whole day in the Parque de Attraciones and had worked my way around the park. The Walking Dead experience is at the back and it was the last “ride” on our list. I was feeling pretty excited as we got closer to it but still nervous that it might be a bit lame. We turned the corner and I saw the 10-foot-high chain linked fence. Then, the look-out tower from the prison where they live in season 3 and thought… THIS IS AWESOME


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The outside entrance leads through a narrow corridor of fencing, there’s post-apocalyptic debris scattered all over the floor and the famous “Glenn go to Terminus” graffiti from Maggie on the wall.

A moody looking guard in black military gear with a gun and walkie-talkie stops you, divides you into small groups and signals for you to wait on the other side of the fence. After waiting a while he turns and says sternly “it’s time to enter Terminus, stay together, keep your hands to yourselves and you might just get out alive”, then opens the door and slams it behind you.

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I really can not tell you how long we were inside Terminus, it felt like forever. Every turn in the dark, winding, blood splattered corridors sent terror through my body. Brad clung to me the whole way around and we held on to each other so tight, while screaming and jumping at every single sound or movement. It was a totally amazing experience but one that I’m surprised didn’t give me a heart attack.

The detail in the set design, the costumes and makeup were all so perfect but what really made it so scary, was the effort put in by the staff. I felt like I was actually in an episode of the Walking Dead and I just needed to escape that building. The disorientating maze of rooms lead you from one terrifying zombie encounter to the next. Each Walker we saw was more lifelike and horrifying then the last and I literally ran out into the daylight at the end with my heart pounding in my chest!

If you are a Walking Dead fan, you have to do this. If you are in Madrid, you have to do this.

How to get to Parque de Attraciones

Parque de Attractiones is an amusement park in Casa to Campo. A large green area that’s west of Centro Madrid. It’s open every day during spring/summer and on weekends in autumn/winter. Rides keep running until midnight and you can get tickets online but the Walking Dead Experience is an extra €5. Trust me it’s worth it!

Address: Casa de Campo s/n, 28011 Madrid, Spain

Metro: To get there by metro, take Line 10 to Batán, which leaves you at only 50 metres from the entrance.

Bus: By bus, you can take Line 33 from Príncipe Pío or Line 65 from Plaza Jacinto Benavente.

Teleferico: You can take the 15 min cable car from Paseo del Rosales then walk for about 20 mins through Casa de Campo Park. Make sure you have a map or Google maps on your phone because it’s an off-road hike and not very well sign posted.

Have you been to the Walking Dead Experience in Madrid?  Did you love it or hate it? Tell me all about it in the comments box 🙂

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