Useful Spanish phrases for traveling in Spain

When you’re traveling in Spain or visiting for a holiday, it’s really useful to speak a little Spanish. It’s a fascinating language that’s surprisingly easy to pick up and just takes a little practice to perfect.

What better opportunity to practice speaking Spanish than when you are interacting with locals during your travels. To get started, you just need to know some basic words and useful phrases.

English is spoken in Spain but not everyone will speak and understand English, so why not take a little time to learn some Spanish. The effort is very much appreciated by locals. Plus it can be really helpful in more rural areas or in difficult situations.

Useful Spanish phrases for traveling in Spain. Key phrases and words that will he helpful for your holiday - Seeking the Spanish Sun blog

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Phrases in Spanish you need for travel

This guide will go through the most useful phrases that you need for traveling in Spain. The simple words and sentences that will allow you ask questions in the most common holiday environments and travel situations.

We will include:

  • The Spanish basics
  • Phrases for using public transport
  • Phrases for eating in restaurants
  • Phrases for shopping
  • Phrases for staying in hotels
  • Phrases for difficult situations

There are a number of different languages and dialects spoken across Spain. Below are the English to Spanish (Castillian) translations.

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The Spanish basics

Hello – Hola
I am …. – Yo soy ….
I am from …. – Soy de ….
Good morning – Buenos dias
How are you? – ¿Cómo estás
I’m very well and you? – Muy bien y tu?
Thank you – Gracias
Please – Por favour
Yes – Si
No – No
Here – Aqui
There – Ahí
Now – Ahora
Later – Luego
Tomorrow – Mañana
Left – Izquierda
Right – Derecho
See you later – Hasta luego
Goodbye – Adios

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Useful Spanish phrases for travel 3

Spanish phrases for using public transport

Where is the station? ¿Dónde está la estación?
What time is the train to …? A qué hora es el tren para …?
One/ two/ three ticket to …. Un/dos/tres bolleto a …
How much is a ticket? ¿Cuanto questa el billete?
We need to go to …. Tenemos que ir a ….
Where is the bus stop? ¿Dondé esta la parade de autobus?
When is the next bus? ¿Cuándo pasa el próximo autobús?
Which bus do we need? ¿Que autobús necesitamos?

Spanish phrases for eating in restaurants

A table for 2 please Una mesa para dos por favor
Can we sit outside? ¿Podemos sentarnos afuera?
The menu please La carta por favor
May is see the wine list? ¿Puedo ver la lista de vinos?
Can we order drinks Podemos pedir bebidas
What is the menu of the day? ¿Cuál es el menú del dia?
I would like the …. Para mi la ….
More drinks please Más bebida por favor
The same round again Otra ronda
Do you have dessert? ¿Tienes postres?
The bill please La cuenta por favor
Can I pay by card? ¿Puedo pagar con tarjeta?

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Useful Spanish phrases for travel 2

Spanish phrases for shopping

Do you have …. Tienes ….
I’m looking for …. Estoy buscando por ….
We want …. Queremos ….
How much is this? ¿Cuánto cuesta este?
Can I please try this on? ¿Puedo pobarme esto?
Do you have a bigger size? ¿Tienes un tamaño grande?
Do you have another one? ¿Tienes otro?

Spanish phrases for staying in hotels

Do you have a room? ¿Tienes una habitatión disponible?
I have a reservation Yo tengo una reservación
Is our room ready? ¿Es nuestra habitación lista?
What time is check-in? ¿A qué hora es check-in?
The aircon is broken El aire acondicionado no funciona
Is breakfast included? ¿El desayuno está incluido?
Where is the swimming pool? ¿Donde esta la piscina?
Where is the lift? ¿Donde esta el ascensor?
Which way to the city centre? ¿Cuál es el centro?
Do you have a map? ¿Tienes un mapa?
What time is check-out? ¿Qué hora es la salida?
Call us a taxi please Llámenos un taxi por favor

Useful Spanish phrases for travel

Spanish phrases for difficult situations

Help! ¡Ayuda!
Call and ambulance Llmar a una ambulencia
I am injured Estoy herido
Call the police Llama al la Policía
My bag was stolen Mi bolso fue robardo
We are lost Estamos perdidos

I hope this article of useful Spanish phrases has given you the confidence to try speaking some Spanish when you next travel to Spain.

Remember to start with the simple words and questions. Within no time you will be remembering how to say things in Spanish and understanding the replies.

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