Lesser-known holiday locations in Spain

If you are seeking somewhere a little different for your next holiday, consider these lesser-known holiday locations in Spain. Each one is a hidden gem that provides plenty for couples or families to see and do. They are all within easy reach of major airports and don’t cost a fortune to visit. The best part is they are away from the usual tourist trail.

While it’s great to visit you favourite holiday place in Spain each year, why not mix things up and try somewhere off the beaten path. Chances are you won’t have heard of most of these Spain holiday spots but believe me they are all worth visiting. Being less known or less famous doesn’t mean these locations are less interesting or less beautiful. I sometimes wonder if the Spanish keep these holiday spots secret to save them for themselves!

Lesser-known holidays locations in Spain

Why visit lesser-known holiday locations in Spain?

First of all, visiting lesser-known holiday locations in Spain will give you a break from the norm. Offering new and exciting places to explore. Second, it will most likely be cheaper for accommodation, food and drink as you are away from tourist traps. Third, it will help reduce overcrowding in Spain’s more famous, popular holiday locations.

The rising number of people visiting the most popular holiday locations is causing a strain on those beaches, towns and cities. Call it mass tourism or negative tourism but the bottom line is some locations in Spain just can’t take any more visitors during the peak summer months. While some say travelling less and staying closer to home is the answer. I think if we travel consciously and choose our holiday locations wisely, we can be good tourists and still have a great holiday in Spain.

My top 7 lesser-known holiday locations in Spain

My top 7 lesser-known or not very famous Spain holiday locations are:

  • Mojácar
  • Tarifa
  • Haría
  • Sitges
  • Gijon
  • Almuñécar
  • Puerto de la Cruz

Find out more about each of these wonderful holiday spots as I share where they are, what they have to offer and how to get there.


Mojácar has a beach area and a hillside pueblo so it’s great for enjoying the best of both. Wander through the old streets, stopping in traditional shops or restaurants. Or have fun on the beach with plenty of amenities. This holiday spot is ideal for families.

Where is Mojácar? – Mojácar is located near Almeria on the Southeast coast.

What does Mojácar have to offer? – Warm crystal clear waters, fun water sports, beachside bars, many restaurants, an authentic Spanish pueblo, hiking trails, a water park and golf course.

How do I get to Mojácar? – Fly into Almeria airport and either take a bus to the city then another bus to Mojácar. Or travel by car, you can hire a car or book a transfer to collect at the airport. It’s about 1 hour drive on a very smooth dual carriageway.

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Mojacar Spain lesser-known holiday location


Tarifa is a quiet fishing town on the Southernmost point of Spain. It overlooks North Africa and has beautiful scenery due to the unspoilt countryside and natural beaches. This holiday spot is excellent for nature lovers or surfers.

Where is Tarifa? – Tarifa is located near Cadiz in Andalucía.

What does Tarifa have to offer? – Surfing & windsurfing, untouched natural beaches, chilled out vibes, cool cafes and bars, an authentic old town.

How do I get to Tarifa? – To reach Tarifa, fly into Gibraltar. The drive from the airport is then 45 minutes. Traveling by public transport is possible but will take about 3 hours as there are a few bus changes along the route. Be aware that most flights are via the UK as Gibraltar is a currently a British territory.

Tarifa, lesser-known holiday location in SpainPhoto credit: Flickr


Haría is a pretty village in a valley of North Lanzarote surrounded by palm trees. It’s away from the islands famous coastal resorts and is one of the most authentic villages in the Canaries. It’s perfect for those seeking tranquillity or activity.

Where is Haría? – Haría is located in the Canary Island of Lanzarote.

What does Haría have to offer? – Hiking trails, rugged coastline views, volcanic tunnels & caves to explore, a weekly craft market.

How do I get to Haría? – Fly into Lanzarote airport then travel North across the island to Haría which takes 30 minutes by car. There are plenty of airport taxis or shuttle companies if you want to pre-book a transfer.

Haria in Spain, a lesser-known holiday spotPhoto credit: Flickr


Sitges is a bustling sea side town that is full of fun and energy. It’s within easy reach of Barcelona but along the coast in the opposite direction to the main resort towns of Costa Brava. This holiday spot manages to offer lots of activity whilst maintaining its own authenticity.

Where is Sitges? – Sitges is found on the Costa Dorada near Barcelona in Catalonia.

What does Sitges have to offer? – A lovely old town, promenade walks, great nightlife, LGBT+ friendly, architecture & art galleries, marina, lots of bars & restaurants.

How do I get to Sitges? – Fly to Barcelona then take a train, bus or car just 30-40 minutes to Sitges. The train is a very easy and cheap option.

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Lesser-known holiday Sitges Spain


Gijón is a large coastal city in the lush green hills of North Spain. Often bypassed by tourists in search of Camino routes or more famous cities. Gijón is a little-known holiday spot with a bit something for everyone. Where you can wander the town, seek culture, lie on the beach or drink delicious cider.

Where is Gijón? – Gijón is in Asturias, a region of Northern Spain.

What does Gijón have to offer? – Green hills, natural coastline, fishing villages, local cider and traditional cider bars, museums, roman ruins.

How do I get to Gijón? – Asturias has an airport located 30-45 minutes drive away. Fly there but be aware that you may need to go via Madrid. Then take the airport bus to Gijón. Taxi is also an option but more expensive.

Gijon in Spain


Almuñécar is an Andalucían town that seems to be relatively unknown to tourists. Its main draw is it has sunshine all year round. Add to that a selection of lovely nearby beaches to choose from. Plus, beachside chirringuitos and you’ve got a great little holiday spot.

Where is Almuñécar? – Almuñécar is located on the Costa Tropical in Andalucía.

What does Almuñécar have to offer? – Great all year climate, beach side bars, locally grown tropical fruit, Moorish castle remains, soft sand and pebble beaches, hiking & watersports.

How do I get to Almuñécar? – To get to Almuñécar you can fly to Malaga or Granada airport. From either you can organise a transfer, it’s about 1 ½ hour drive. Or take local buses, which will take 2-3 hours but is very scenic. Malaga offers the more straight forward and regular public bus options.

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Almunecar holiday spot Spain

Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz is a town in Tenerife with lots of character. It lies to the North of the island, away from the busy resorts found in South Tenerife. It has Canarian charm with surrounding hills covered in colourful painted houses and fields of lush green tropical trees. This holiday spot is lovely for couples of families throughout the year.

Where is Puerto de la Cruz? – Puerto de la Cruz is a town in the Canary Island of Tenerife.

What does Puerto de la Cruz have to offer? – Black sand beaches, public swimming pools, local food specialities, lots of hotels, all year round amenities, access to Mount Teide, waterpark & zoo.

How do I get to Puerto de la Cruz? – Tenerife has two airports, fly in to Tenerife North as this is closer. Then take a hire car or book a transfer driver for the 30 minute drive to Puerto de la Cruz.

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Puerto de la Cruz Spain

I hope this guide to lesser known locations in Spain has given you some ideas for your next holiday.

I really do believe that by choosing to holiday in less visited parts of Spain we can reduce pressure on the overcrowded holiday locations. At the same time helping those lesser known areas to gain from tourism and thrive. Spreading tourism across the country in a positive way.

What do you think? Have you visited any of these places in Spain? Do you have a great lesser known holiday location to recommend? Let us know in the comments box below ↓↓

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