Seville: What you need to know before visiting

All the practical information for Seville and what you need to know before visiting the city in Southern Spain. This travel guide will cover the following: 

  • Seville Facts 
  • Arriving in Seville 
  • Getting around Seville 
  • Seville neighbourhoods 
  • Seville attractions 
  • Language basics 
  • Average food and drink costs 
  • Things to be aware of in Seville 
  • Useful websites for Seville 

Seville: What you need to know

Seville facts 

  • Seville is the Capital city of Andalucía 
  • It has a population of 1.5 million 
  • There are 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Seville 
  • Seville is known for is Flamenco music and dancing 
  • Seville is an all year-round travel destination 
  • In Summer it gets very hot and the temperature will exceed 40°c 
  • In Winter its mild and temperature will average 16°c 
  • The explorer Christopher Columbus’s tomb is in Seville Cathedral 
  • The oranges on trees you see throughout Seville are not edible

Arriving in Seville 

By plane 

Seville has quite a large airport and greets over 5 million passengers a year. Vueling and Ryan Air are the main low-cost airlines flying here. Most International flights into Seville go via Madrid airport. There are a few transport options to get from the airport to the city: 

Airport bus – The airport EA bus runs from 5am to just after midnight and is the cheapest way to get into Seville city. A single ticket is €4 and return €6. It stops at the arrivals hall and goes to Plaza de Armas. 

Airport taxi – Official licensed taxi’s in Seville are white with a yellow stripe. The main airport taxi rank is located outside arrivals. A taxi journey from Seville airport to city centre costs approximately €20-30 and takes 30 minutes. Uber does operate if you have the app, you can use this for a cheaper un-licensed ride. 

By train 

If you go to Seville by train you will arrive at St Justa Station as this is the Renfe AVE highspeed line station. Highspeed trains run multiple times per day from Madrid, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Valencia & Cordoba. From the train station you can walk into the city or take a short bus ride. 

By coach 

If you arrive by Alsa or Avanza coach from another Spanish city you will stop at Plaza de Armas bus station.

Need to know Seville guide

Getting around Seville 


You can walk everywhere in Seville, so if you are fit and able this is the best way to get around. 


The tram line called Metro-Centro goes from Plaza Nueva traveling for 1.4km through Centro Seville. Which is great for hopping on or off at the Cathedral or Alcázar. A single ticket is €1.20 from the machine at the tram stops. 


Seville has a fab public bike hire scheme called Sevici. You simply register and hire a bike from one of the many Sevici interactive terminals for a week or single journey (first 30 mins is free!). Then take the bike back to the station that’s most convenient for you. Cycle paths go all around the city centre, just keep an eye out for pedestrians. 

For more info go to the Sevici website.


There are a few taxi ranks in the city centre but with walking and tram the most common way to get around they can work out expensive for such short distances. You will also see old fashioned horse and cart taxi’s which is more of a touristy city tour and costs about €45. 


There are circular bus services going to most neighbourhoods of Seville. It’s good for residents but not really used by tourists. 


The local Cercanias train goes to towns around the outskirts of Seville but you can also get the train to places of interest for day trips like Ronda, Jerez, Cadiz. 

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Need to know Seville

Seville neighbourhoods 

The main neighbourhoods of Seville that you will most likely visit are: 

  • Centro 
  • Santa Cruz 
  • Triana 
  • Arenal 
  • Macarena 
  • Sur 

Seville attractions 

The best attractions and tourist sites in Seville are: 

  • Seville Cathedral 
  • The Alcázar 
  • Plaza de España 
  • Metropol Parasol 
  • Flamenco in Triana 
  • Maria Luisa park 
  • Museum of Arts and Traditions 
  • Maestranza bullring 

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Seville need to know

Language basics 

In Seville locals will speak Spanish but with a slightly different pronunciation to traditional Castilian. You will find Sevillanos speak fast and with an Andaluz accent. This means they tend to drop consonants, change words slightly, make words shorter or less formal. 

Some simple examples… 

Gracias – Thank you in Spanish is pronounced Grathia 

Por favor – Please in Spanish is pronounced Po favo 

Claro – Of course in Spanish is shortened to Aro 

It can be a little harder to understand a thick regional southern Spain accent but stick with it and don’t be afraid to give it a try yourself. 

If you’d like more of an explanation to the Andaluz dialect check out this info on Is How U Sevilla website.

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Average food and drink costs in Seville 

Here is an idea of the average food and drinks costs in cafes, bars and restaurants in Seville: 

Coffee = €1-2 

Small beer = €1-2 

Glass of wine = €2-4 

Ham and cheese baguette = €3-4 

Tapas = €2-4 for each small dish 

Plate of fried fish = €7-10 

Menu del dia special = €10-12 

Seville what you need to know

Things to be aware of in Seville 

  • Some shops and businesses close for vacation in summer because its just too hot. 
  • Spring time gets very busy and crowded as all locals and many tourists come to Seville for Easter Holy Week and Feria de Abril. 
  • The tradition of siesta is still strong in Seville. Shops, banks post office etc might close between 2-5pm. 
  • Book tickets for the Alcázar online in advance to avoid waiting in a long queue outside. 
  • Ignore the ladies selling sprigs of rosemary in the street. 

Useful websites for Seville 

Tourist information

Public transport info

Seville Airport

I hope this practical guide to Seville has covered everything you need to know for your trip to the city. If you have any questions or info to share leave us a comment below ↓↓

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