Welcome to Seeking the Spanish Sun, a travel blog exploring Spain!

I’m on an adventure to explore the length and breadth of Spain in search of a place to call home. The day-to-day routine of life in England just isn’t for me but I’m (a little) too old to backpack now.

After 13 years of traveling the world I feel ready to put that backpack into storage but not ready to give up having fun. It’s time to grow up (a little) but why does that have to be boring?

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I moved from London to Madrid in early 2017 with the plan to soak up all the Spanish culture I can while using this awesome city as a base for exploring.

I’m seeking the Spanish sun and all the beautiful things that go with it like sandy beaches, crystal clear sea, mountain views, delicious seafood and a slower pace of life.

So, if any of those things sound interesting to you or you dream of Seeking the Spanish Sun too, then please read our Spain travel guides and follow my adventures.

To find out more about why I started a travel blog and my travel history check out my first blog post I just couldn’t settle.

What you can expect

Seeking the Spanish Sun is a blog about our life and travels in Spain, we cover the following:

  • Spain travel information
  • Recommendations on what to see & do in Spain
  • City itineraries
  • Travel guides
  • Local tips
  • Holiday inspiration
  • Expat advice
  • Insight into Spanish life
  • My thoughts on travel related subjects

Follow the explorations of Perri and Brad, a British couple living in Spain

A little info about me

  • My name is Perri, I’m 34 and I grew up in Kent (just outside London) in England, UK
  • I met my boyfriend Brad (fellow Spanish sun seeker and blog contributor) 12 years ago while working in Greece
  • I am the main writer for Seeking the Spanish Sun, take the majority of our photos and manage all social media accounts
  • I am a travel enthusiast who loves moving to different countries and I always have itchy feet
  • I have a tendency to sleepwalk, a knack for unintentional puns and a serious obsession with writing lists
  • I love to visit new places and see new things but only if I’ve eaten because I get really hangry
  • Making memories, sharing my experiences and inspiring others to travel are my passion
  • A happy me would be lying on a beach, writing a list, eating chocolate with a cold G&T in hand

If you are interested in working with me or have a potential collaboration opportunity for Seeking the Spanish Sun please fell free to take a look at our Media Kit and get in touch. All details are on the Contact page.

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