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The intention of this website is to provide a general overview of the matters covered. We attempt to ensure that content is up-to-date and accurate but cannot guarantee its accuracy. The information and advice given on this website does not constitute professional, legal or financial advice.

We live and travel in Spain and have a background in traveling and living overseas but you must always do your own research and not solely rely on the information found on this website.


Seeking the Spanish Sun uses a range of travel related products and services. If there is something that we love, we like to recommend it to our readers. We will only ever recommend things we use ourselves, so you can be sure that they are all amazing.

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The few pounds we receive here and there through affiliates are a nice little bonus. Don’t worry, there will never be any extra cost to you. Often, we can actually offer you a discount on things we recommend.

Here is a PDF version of our full Disclosure Policy.


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Here is a PDF version of our full Privacy Policy.

Author rights

I (Perri Johnson) the Author of Seeking the Spanish Sun, reserve the rights to edit or delete any content found on this website.

Comments submitted to http://www.seekingthespanishsun.com will be deleted without notice if comments are deemed to be spam, include profanity, contain language or concepts that could be deemed offensive, abusive, racial or spread hatred.

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Updated 26thΒ  April 2018