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The intention of this personal blog/website is to provide a general overview of Spain travel-related topics. We will attempt to ensure that content is kept up-to-date but cannot guarantee its accuracy. The information and advice given on this website does not constitute professional, legal or financial advice.

We live/travel in Spain and write our articles from real-life experiences. Content will be based on what we see during our travels and life overseas. However, you must always do your own research and not solely rely on the information found on this website.

Links to other websites may not have been recently checked and verified, so you access them at your own risk. The inclusion of a link does not mean the content is covered by our terms, or supported by Seeking the Spanish Sun. We cannot be responsible for the practices of any other blog or website.

Affiliate Disclosure

Seeking the Spanish Sun uses a range of travel-related products and services. We only recommend things we love to our readers. So, you can be sure that they are all genuine and personal recommendations. Collaborations with companies are always handpicked and chosen carefully. We will only work with brands that we believe offer great quality and a fair price.

The types of brand collaboration we are involved with are:

– Affiliate links

If you choose to purchase a product or service that we recommend via an affiliate link we might earn a commission. This will never be at any extra cost to you. All articles with affiliate links will be clearly stated. We currently have affiliate programmes with: Mondly, Discover Car Hire, Amazon Associates.

– Amazon Associates

This is an affiliate advertising programme designed as a means for sites to earn advertising fees for advertising and linking to www.amazon.co.uk. You will find product links to Amazon.co.uk throughout our website and as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. All articles with Amazon Associates links will be clearly stated.

– Rewards programmes and discounts

We are part of certain reward programs and can pass credit or discounts on to our readers. If you use a link or discount code on our website we might receive a credit or discount. This will never be at any extra cost to you. We currently have reward programmes with: Airbnb, Free Now, Vine Ridge Retreats.

– Sponsored posts

Occasionally we may accept forms of compensation from brands for sponsored content. That may be via a paid blog post or a review in exchange for complementary activities or items. All sponsored posts will be clearly stated at the start of the article and will contain our honest opinions.


Seeking the Spanish Sun is the legal copyright holder of all written, graphic or photographic content on this website. Unless otherwise noted with clear photo credit to the original source. Our content may not be used in any way without our prior written consent. This includes being reprinted, modified, quoted or published anywhere.

A link to www.seekingthespanishsun.com must appear on all copies of photos or written content that we have agreed to be published elsewhere. This includes guest articles, features, collaborations or press releases.

We occasionally use free creative commons stock photos from Pixabay or Unsplash to enhance the visual of our articles.


Personal information can be submitted by readers to this website and is used in the following ways:

– Contact form

All personal and/or contact information provided in the contact form will be respected and kept completely private.

– Comments box

Email addresses, websites and names submitted in the comment box will never be sold to third parties. We use Askimet to filter spam comments. When you leave a comment you are given the option if you would like to save your name, email and website for next time by ticking the box.

If you wish your information to be removed from the comments section at any time please contact us and we will delete the comment.

– Mailing list

We use MailChimp for our mailing list subscription, with double opt-in to adhere to GDPR European rules. We collect only your first name and email address and will never ask for further personal information. We send a monthly newsletter to our mailing list subscribers. We will never send unsolicited emails or any kind of spam and we will never disclose your information to anyone.

There is an unsubscribe button at the end of every email we send to you. If you wish to unsubscribe please follow the instructions to remove your email from the mailing list.

– Free downloads

We offer free downloads as a bonus for people who subscribe to our mailing list. You are under no obligation to remain subscribed once you have downloaded the free document and can unsubscribe at any time.


We use display advertising on our website, which means adverts placed via ad networks. We currently work with Google-certified AdSense and Ezoic. This type of dynamic marketing uses adverts in the form of text or image that readers then click through to for more information. Banner, image and text adverts on this website will vary and layouts may change as Ezoic tests the best ad placement. We receive revenue from the ad networks for placing adverts on our website.

Here is the full Seeking the Spanish Sun Ezoic Privacy Policy.

Here is the Ezoic Annual Request Summary 


This website uses Cookies. They are small files stored on your computer, designed to enhance the user experience. The information stored by Cookies allows internet browsing to be more tailored to you and may carry information from one website visit to the next.

Cookies can always be disabled. We have a GDPR Cookie Compliance banner that also allows you to select your preference of whether Cookies are enabled or disabled. If you prefer to not allow Cookies during the browsing of our website, we recommend you select “disabled”. By clicking “enabled” or “close & accept” on our Cookie banner you agree to them being used.

The types of Cookies on this website are:

– Strictly necessary Cookies

Essential Cookies that are required for the site to function and so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. If you disable this function you will need to select your Cookie preference every time you visit the website.

– Session based Cookies

These only last while your browser is open and will automatically delete when your session expires and you close the browser.

– Third party Cookies

Analytical Cookies used so that we can better understand how the website is being used by visitors. We use Google Analytics and a plugin by Analytify to see how many people visit the website, which pages are viewed, time spent on each page, where articles are shared on social media and which country our readers are based in.

– Affiliate Cookies

Companies that we recommend through an affiliate link will track the purchases made and calculate any commission we have earned using Cookies. Affiliates Cookies usually last for 30-90 days.

– Advertising Cookies

Advertising cookies collect information about reader’s visits and are used by the companies who place the adverts. We use Ezoic for ad placement and they will record the content viewed, links followed, browser type, device log file and IP address. Please see above “Adverts” section for the full Ezoic Privacy Policy.

Author Rights

I (Perri Johnson) the Author of Seeking the Spanish Sun, reserve all rights to edit or delete any content found on this website.

Comments submitted will be deleted without notice if deemed to be; spam, include profanity, contain language or concepts that could be deemed offensive, abusive, racial or spread hatred. I will moderate comments and reserve the right to accept or reject any comments.


Updated June 2020